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How to plant Convallaria Majalis

Convallaria majalis is a flower of temperate regions, flowers will bloom in spring to early summer. The white flowers are like a small bell, it spreads irresistible mild aroma.

Convallaria majalis is really easy to grow, but the plant may not flower in the first year. If you plant in the garden, or in large pots, then after a while, the tree will grow more other plants thanks to the root system. Sprouts will grow out of spreading roots, and you will have a flower garden of Convallaria majalis.

To grow Convallaria majalis, I would not encourage you to use seeds for planting because of the time it takes for the plants to grow for a long time. Instead, is planted from the seedlings, the plant will grow from the root of Convallaria majalis.

Location and environment suitable for planting:

For in Vietnam, Convallaria majalis will thrive in the shade, and withstand even cold winter. In cooler areas, sunlight is a good choice. Convallaria majalis is a plant that likes to be wet, and soil has to drain well, avoiding waterlogging.
Convallaria majalis can also live in dry conditions, but the flowers may be fading and giving less flowers.


If you are not prepared to plant, keep the bag back, to stay in shade, avoid the sun. For the climate in Vietnam, you can leave in the refrigerator. Check the moisture regularly, if the roots are dry, then scrape a little water to wet the roots.
Preparation of soil: Select land with good drainage, soak the soil with water. If your soil does not have enough nutrients, you can add organic fertilizer to grow better.
If you want to plant Convallaria majalis in the garden, you must still plant it in the pot before bringing it to the garden, so that the Convallaria majalis is rooted to the soil first.
The pot size should match the number of shoots you want to grow in. The distance is at least 7 cm and not more than 15 cm.

Plant tree:

Before planting, you have to separate each seedlings if they stick together, gently pulling each tree so that it does not break the roots.
Put the seedlings in the pot, and put the soil in, paying attention to the roots as much as possible. The seedlings (which will produce new leaves and stalks) are only about 2.5 cm in the soil, and the rest will lie on the ground. Then, gently press the soil down for each sprout.
Water around to thoroughly moisturize the soil, stimulating root growth.
Place the pot in a cool place, until the germ starts to rise, then transfer the pot to the indirect sun.

Extremely easy to care for flowers Convallaria majalis

Fertilizer / Soil and pH: Convallaria majalis has no special requirements for soil type, but flowers will grow best in humus and acidic soils. Convallaria majalis needs good drainage, but must always be kept moist, and it is best to leave the plants in the shade. Convallaria majalis can grow in the sun if the soil has an appropriate moisture content, but the leaves will not grow well.

Pests: Trees grow well and are healthy, but may have leaf spots. You just need to cut off the sick leaves to avoid spreading. Occasionally, a leaf may be formed along the edge of the leaf, but the damage is also negligible.

Trimming: Leaves will grow old and not as good at the end of growing season, simply cut them.

Repartitioning: It is easy to redistribulate Convallaria majalis when the tree is sleeping in the fall or spring. Just dig up the roots, then gently detach, and replant, the tree will grow back very quickly. Water well after replanting. This redistribution will make the plant more airy and give more flowers.

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