Landscape design

The layout of indoor greenery

The development and the speed of its current urbanization made the space green nature gradually less. But that can be overcome by using a number of potted plants in the House with the logical layout of the room, so not only are green nature into the home, positive change of living space that also help to make the work more efficient.

If you’ve never tried to do this, you don’t think it’s difficult and complicated. Initially it was simply the flower Bowl, Cactus flowers, small stone next to the desk. However, a small and modest but really it is the focal point for the personal angle. A tiring working day your eyes will make the occasional phenomenon of “defying”-don’t worry, let it be relaxed a bit along the blue smoothness of pots. According to the scientists, the blue flower plants actually mean in the relax because it gives people a feeling of safety, lightness and hope-the positive feelings in contrast than when you look at piles of records, ngổn horizontal work front. Or instead of sitting in the doldrums on the desk all day, you can stop at any time when tired, stand up and go get a little water for watering the plants instead of a relaxing exercise. Gradually when got into a habit, you will see it affecting your working methods how markedly.

That of course is just the initial step. Basically, a potted plants or a vase of flowers-it represents the nature of a “life”. Can you feel smothered with globs of furniture in the room is a mess but certainly will not regret what a corner for vases or pots. A complimentary fruits & colourful flowers will make your space more enjoyable and create focal points, which is exactly what’s interesting in the flower pots in the room that few anyone. Not simply color, the scent is also an important factor you should note A speaker can fake u.s. isolationists. convenient truth also cheap cost, by can use are much longer. But please note that what we need is “bringing nature to the living space”. A vase can bring soothing aroma and pleasant feeling for the whole room. A potted plants indoors in the position of the wind and the light is in circulation will create a pleasant feeling and vivid than for the room.

So you have to step through the “basic” stage to come up with what is called “the art of decoration in the home”. The layout, the combination of color, scent … is the most fundamental problem we need to care. Now we will discuss and study to a problem in the higher range and asked the more subtle: layout. With each feature of each room, the type of tree and the location is also a factor of extreme importance. As mentioned above, with the Office we can choose the small flower pots to not spend too much area. If your desk facing the outside of the window, you can sort them right bậu doors, where there is more light and wind. Also with the bedroom, should choose the type of tree that calculates duodao district, decorated in a soothing manner, should not be too showy and voluminous. Note one important thing that night, the leaves will waste carbon dioxide and respiratory oxygen uptake (by contrast photosynthesis during the day), so if you have a small tree pots in the bedroom the night, you should hang out on the balcony or forced open the window so air can circulate better.

In contrast to the private space and requires tranquility, the living space, and Extrovert as living room, dining room or living room … should again choose to put the plants in the House are formal and a little bit. Especially the Tet holidays, people often pick the peaches, apricot, blueberries … the more voluminous, sum the Emerald as possible. Perhaps by ancient cultural customs part 1 conception, main door, the living room is as high, as wide as the affluent, the Phu QUY wealth … But the modern trend again prove an otherwise: as simple, as subtle as possible. The arbitrary likes and personality of the host family will have different options for this living space.

Besides, the navigation element set is also a special element. Those who study and learn all about Feng Shui is important, even with top priority. Can informally: each a mission owner, each direction in “bat” has meaning. With each direction (with one in five) back to bring certain efficiency, such the East (with onions) will help the healthy … This issue we can consult the Feng Shui master or books to be able to decorate a reasonable way to development.

In summary, we can say the art of ornamental decoration Feng Shui in the home is a matter of extremely interesting and attractive to those who are passionate about and pursue. Let’s start with a few small changes to your living space, and feel.

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