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Rhododendron bonsai and how to cultivate

Rhododendron is a dwarf tree, it just 2m. Its many branches and erect a rounded crown. Its leaves are concentrated in the first branch, it is shaped oval; blue ball, it has bristles at the small baby. Clusters of white flowers at the top of the branches grow, large pink flowers, petals forming Splayed pipe at the top. The cold and wet climates suitable for crops such as South Central (Dalat), Northern (Sapa).There are two categories in the period of flowering: flowers bloom in spring and summer, while other kinds of flowers bloom year round. When rhododendrons bloom, flowers lot; brilliant and beautiful, this is a very popular ornamental plant in the world. Rhododendrons well with the sun, it also has the ability to withstand shade, it adapted to warm climates; wet and cool. Also suitable to live in acidic soil.

How to cultivate in pot:

Azalea aka chronic paint or paint pink flower tea is one of the favorite flowers landscape in many parts of the world by its gentle beauty. Tet, people usually for a few indoor azalea pots with significant affluence. Here’s how to plant and care for flowers to get the azalea rhododendron flowers are not only beautiful, but also in the New Year festival.

Native azalea with colorful tropical flowers such as suicidal death burgundy, pink, light red suicidal, suicidal transparent white and yellow royal donation.

1. The soil

Arable land to plant azaleas Belgium is acidic soils, if grown in alkaline soils can cause the tree to die. Soil mixing: 1/3 topsoil, the better the hills. 1/3 is the humus of all kinds of leaves they inform, spare … third is the feces of horses or cattle grazing cattle, small dams dried. Mix in with the soil and compost mature drinks. Incubate more carefully, the better for your flower pots because nutrients are absorbed more easily.

2. Select a plant pot

Need select pots balanced with trees, large pots will have to have more land and irrigation water needs more. Always select pots with holes in the perineum to, wide mouth for easy evaporation. You can also choose to design flower pots Greenbo 2 separate water tray easily adjust the amount of water.

3. Breeding

On the market at present our country widely used Belgium azalea varieties. This is a small tree rhododendrons, sent flowers, big, diverse colored trees for both. You can buy seeds for sowing seeds or cuttings or capacitance extraction method. Cuttings and extraction methods can be finished faster for sowing method.

4. Insect

Your azalea pots can be a red spider, aphids tubes, spider short beard or root rot, brown spot. When you see the flowers with the phenomenon of the insects, the need to spray, spray the chemotherapy drug to finish.

When you see the roots spread out the perineum should repot larger, combined with a soil mix mentioned above

5. Watering

Rhododendrons have developed root system is strong and not so afraid term longer tolerate waterlogging. The best time to water is early morning or evening. After planting trees to bud, the new buds on the surface of the pot does not dry land is not irrigated, watered just enough moisture. For every 10 to 15 days you can eat dilute vinegar solution 10% or rice water, sour beans water for irrigation. You can also use water and distributed water turns to irrigate their azalea pots. At its growing flowering trees, the buds need more water for irrigation. Absolutely no chemical nitrogen states watered tree will die.

So now you know how to plant and care for azalea pots and know.

An azalea pots in your family with red New Year’s Day would symbolize success and prosperity. Good luck!

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