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Cuban Royal Palm

Cuban Royal Palm is a plant which introduced from the Americas. They are also called Belly bridge, Cuban Royal Palm has the scientific name: Roystonia regia, family: Arecaceae. Column 8 to 15 m tall trees. The trunk is straight, but rather to the abdomen distended, big bulge can be up to 40-60 cm. Stems are brown; Mo has the blue ball and lang. The long leaves are 3-4 m, green pinnate form. The inflorescence has mo, grows in the fuselage carries the male and female flowers are white. The male flowers have elected Bulgarian and flowers do not have fire hydrants. The fruit is a small (1-2 cm) are green. We are planting nursery selling saplings in places, is favored to do tree works in decorative flower park villas, parks, garden.

Cuban Royal Palm trees is high, straight, canopy fit many places narrow land area.

Cuban Royal Palm tree is easy to grow, easy to take care of than many other crops. In addition to daily watering and fertilizing NPK periodically, Garden House just trimming the ship leaves have been aging around the root. Compared to other types of perennial shoots bending and shaping, if not create the tree will grow wild; also Cuban Royal Palm, then it makes a very nice stand.
The method of breeding Cuban Royal Palm

Cuban Royal Palm breeding only from the seeds of the fruit to create the tree. In the South of our country has appropriate conditions for plants to flower and fruit should be largely the same kernel was purchased from the South.

To breeding Cuban Royal Palm is good need to select the results of old, when the pods were golden brown, slightly dry, then planted; the dried seeds from the old fruit soaked in water for 10-12 hours in a warm place to compost when sowing, the seeds grow fast.

The soil should be porous, making seeding above do Pergolas to moisturizing as well as avoid salt fog because of temporary sowing usually late in the year. After the up flower beds, the distance is 20 x 30 cm (x) with 2 or 3-4 on 1 flower beds. Use ground nuts in a depth of 1-1, 5 cm, on the mulch bin to keep moist and watered land drift, not do when closing the stunned face. Regular moisturizing irrigation after sowing every day 2 times in the morning and evening, until the seeds sprouted, then watered every day/time.

When the Cuban Royal Palm was from there 2-3 leaves, can remove the pergolas, digging flower beds, hand carried to do water rationing ends in the barn and grass diluted. After 1-1.5 years, the bridge could be moved or sold potted.

Cuban Royal Palm cultivation technique: cultivation of Soil ground meat, choose rich areca nutrition.Humus has the ability to retain water, well drained. Should not choose land trash, plant identify items to avoid worms and disease damage the tree.

In terms of our country, Cuban Royal Palm tree is easy to live, should be able to plant in the time of the year, best song is planted in March-4 and August-October. Planting in March-4 when trees began to grow strong or when the plant is in the period of growth is slow or stop growth.

When grown on ground or in pots need fertilizing Italian owls lined before planting and cultivation of agricultural land, in order to avoid too deep not root the tree was “choking” the inferior branch out and planting done need watering to keep moisture and tighten root for trees from being dumped.After planting, watering days/times for the soil moist enough, avoid soil too moist and soggy during 10-15 days to the cutting-edge plants on land.

Take care of Cuban Royal Palm: Cuban Royal Palm should be planted or put to in places full of light.Not place the where the light is weak, because the leaves will grow weak, tree thinning, stretching will do soon leaves fall and die. Due to the relatively high water requirements for growing the areca watering requirements are recommended, not to the soil too dry. Periodically 2, water stool tree irrigate barn 1/15-1/20, end for the tree and keep the green leaves.

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