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Orchid tree, A plant works for beautiful flowers

Orchid Tree is one of the species of trees in urban systems. It would not only be in the limelight due to its leaf morphology but also strangely beautiful flowers. The leaves of this tree species divided into two lobes, it looks like the claw foot cattle should someone was using figurative name “phanera purpurea” helps us easily identifiable. With this view, Orchid tree is also another name Camel’s foot (foot camel).Orchid Tree is very common name, it is used to refer to many species of the genus Bauhinia – its subfamily Vang (Caesalpinoideae), it was in the pea family (Fabaceae). The genus gathers all 3 forms of life: trees, shrubs and vines with a large number of species, only in Vietnam alone has over 40 species.

Currently there are two species of tree shape that are Orchid tree purple and striped;  Orchid tree shrub is white and another one is Orchid tree vines Flamboyant.

– Purple Orchid tree is also known as red or empress tree, scientific name Bauhinia purpurea.

Both species share many of the other name is bauhinia Purple, Butterfly-tree, Orchid-tree, Camel’s foot tree …

Orchid Tree offered and sold to growers for purchase of works; Garden villas; industrial zones and urban areas. Orchid Tree small size, stem diameter is from 4 cm to 10 cm, Orchid tree missed diameter sizes from 10 cm to 15 cm, it is appropriate to plant street; industrial zones and urban areas. Other Orchid larger tree size is 15 – 20 cm or more than 20 cm, it is often appropriate to plant urban areas; garden villas for greening landscape trees immediately.

In fact, to distinguish the two species of tree Orchid tree Orchid purple and stripes is not difficult, but it is not simple. If we only look in a general way about the leaf shape and color of flowers, the confusion is unavoidable. To be able to distinguish the two species, we need to pay attention:

1. In terms of leaf morphology, while the Purple Orchid Tree only 9-11 stripes tendon inside the Orchid tree has to 11-13 near side. Purple Orchid Tree petiole to 4.0 cm long, while the Orchid Tree stripes at 2.5 cm.

2. In terms of the Orchid Tree purple flowers only 3-4 binary (so there is scientific name Bauhinia triandra), while Orchid striped tree up to 5-6 II. Orchid Tree flower color purple little change, mainly purple and pinkish purple, while the Orchid Tree flower color ranges from white stripes, pink and white, pink, purple … and petal stripes usually appear very clear. Such discoloration due to the scientific name of tree species striped Orchid from “variegata”.

In urban green system in the presence of the two species. Due to weather and climate in Central and Southern typical high rainfall, high humidity, so both species of tree Orchid tree Orchid striped purple and not replace full leaf, caused when the plant flowers can not have a bright colored flowers surround Northwest as is. Bu, the trees to flower in several months of the year and even in the winter gloom, trees are flowering landscape adorned contribute, to help remove dull landscape.

The name “the flowers” went into poetry, is widely known in Vietnam for more than cow’s foundation name, but few people think that, in many places, the flowers bloomed well have been. It is inevitable, because where have anyone knowledgeable of all the attributes of the species in general and in particular the Orchid Tree.

By the way, we also hope that the authorities should pay attention to when making plant classification and the two species are not planted tree Orchid tree Orchid purple and stripes together. Also, if possible, should also add species acclimatized single hero Orchid tree (Bauhinia monandra), with pale pink flowers, petals beautiful red flecked. This is quite a lot of species are planted in the city of Buon Ma Thuot. One thing to note is that, to be able to put on the sidewalk street planting without development is gaining momentum branches obscured vision and block transportation of pedestrian walkways must be propagated by seed, select the tree Friendly garden straight out and should take care of the first pruning time. If you want to plant cuttings in the spring have turned decisively to the mother plant with the primary branches, cuttings material.

In addition to making the landscape plants, Orchid tree has many pharmacological effects and food, such as: the leaves have a high content of calcium and iron, are sour, it is often used as a flavoring for meat laced and fish; many parts of the plant are used antipyretic, analgesic, treatment of dysentery, diarrhea, worms, as an astringent, tonic wine, the treatment of skin lesions …

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