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How to pruning for art bonsai tree

Landscaping trees can be trimmed to the maximum extent in April, because this is the season of growth and development of plants, but how to cut and perfectly trimmed so that it can become a beautiful tree after years or longer, it can be placed in rows of Art Landscape trees.

In this article, we’d like to show the cutting or trimming the roots to your reference.

This is no easy job, because if anyone can do, Information Technology will not have such high values. To do so, players must persevere, constantly explore, learn and be knowledgeable about botany, as much, boldly do will succeed. Want a bonsai, we first have to have the plant embryo. Plants often use embryos are capable of growing trees, growing well, live long, live strong. Embryos taken from the source tree: marcotting seeds or nursery, or exploited in the wild. Both have its advantages. However, the format is the embryonic plant pruning, shaping technique is still the most important stages. Change the inherent nature of the plant and still not lose the logical, natural the tree, so after repeatedly put effort, wisdom, tree touches “period” and then there is “fine”, and “stock” is to wait on time combined with plant aging techniques.

When planting trees should be planted at ang embryos, big pots, not a lot of planting (humus) to plant growth conditions and growing fast. Many people do the opposite that planting trees in small pots and then when the big trees, to fade into ang, large pots so plants grow slowly. Depending on which to plant trees placed in different positions so that when the big trees easy styling. When pruning, trimming attention to the roots and stems, branches.

1. Cut the roots

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When the tree is fit luxuriant foliage plants, secondary roots that grow naturally, many branches. The so which one, which one is the right cut for them in the selection of the branches, the sides of the body. If to feed multiple stems growing from the roots will wither away body makes to rapidly developing branches, making the relationship between the branches and trunk imbalance. So should to some roots at the base of the branches and bundle tangent to prompt the body to body to, and can be matched to the original roots to the original pedestal big fast. In the large branches only faintly few lateral roots emanating from tree branches make vivid.

2. Cut the stems


With branches, we apply the method to a few times Jigging cut, branches become crooked, not straight to kink flexible. Want to cut, to look closely at the branches of the tree overall to finish when cutting branches are evenly distributed, reasonable, not with empty trees. You can also use the wire to bend and branches but have fixed promptly remove older branches, without wire will make imprints spike after a few months due to a large tree, wire diving into the housing losing the beauty of twigs, branches. There are trees to the distance between the tops and branches so far, seems to lose balance of the tree, we cut off the tops, awaiting the sprouts emit at rest, yet reasonable sprouts used as flame, so, overall look at the tree balanced, harmonious, not only plants but also the artistic flowering plants …

Cut ball rolling or bending metal wire to create flexibility for a straight trunk and branches are not to kink.
Currently, the movement of natural trees in a “banyan tree village” in vogue, so the cut is easier to do with the ancient style strict listing rules. However, pruning the roots, stems still have to do regular and long term, can not be impatient.

Above shared Greenmore you read about pruning ornamental art, hoping that will help you take care of your plants as you want. Contact us for advice garden design beautiful and effective!

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