Landscape design

The rules in the garden landscape design

Design rule for small landscape garden is one of the conditions is very important and it will define the role of the decision to the quality and beauty of the primary areas of your House. The following are the basic principles of it.

1. Determine the theme and its gardens in France

The garden scene is composed of five basic elements: Earth, plants, water, stone and space. Landscaped homes combine the elements that a harmonious way, taking the rules, creating a work of art brings the landscape element.

How expression is French player issues and form, expressing the sense of the topic. A theme or can make brilliant scenery. The theme of the garden scene are based on objects, space location and specific purpose.

Thanks to its correct legal or rule as colors, the law of the near and far, to small, narrow width, dark light, do pop over uniformity, Bollywood, harmonious proportions which lead to high art performance.

A beautiful garden landscape design is “picturesque scene, implies deposition”, the success of such work will make people see forever not bored and vibrate the soul.

2. balance of symmetry layout

The layout is symmetrical Eagle weight status, amount of balance board layout, symmetry through a shaft to assume in the middle of the object. The layout is symmetrical balance toward unity, the coherent and orderly path. In the garden of the cottage scene can assume the shaft located in the middle of the façade of the House using this layout form in case require high or rituals in order to emphasize the focus. This layout is very stable and quiet should be decorated in the most ding mansion, the chic hotel brings a relaxed vacation feeling nghơi. The downside of it is the monotony and lack of transformation.

3. balancing the asymmetry layout

The way this layout is hard to determine because the axis of symmetry scenery, vegetation on either side are not identical. The layout of plants, flowers in the garden of this type in place of the main area of the garden is not like where relax spirit, landscaped zones that are not in the gateway on or facade. The asymmetric layout creates more appropriate space in this scene to stick closely to the common garden layout.

4. The layout of balance for the mind

Some private areas or clusters of trees, flowers, ice cube is the symmetry elements together, around a Center, this balance is clearly shown when building the fountain, the flower in the main area. From any angle in the garden featured the main areas all saw (in landscape design garden small landscape).

5. More melodies

More catchy rhythm status expression and flexibility between components of the garden. The area of the garden are separated from each other in terms of content as well as form, but the layout is interspersed between them to provide reasonable sense of coherence when moving from area to area. More common rhythms are chosen according to the preferences and personality of the owner, but the need to ensure the continuity, consistency and continuation. Weather is the dominant tone and influence a lot of people feeling to enjoy. The garden designed to weather very seriously.

6. The repetition

Computer basics will be emphasized if many repeat layout area of color or shape. However usually rarely repeat what too often or not repeat what too much because that will cause confusing or boring.

7. The layout key emphasis feature

In the landscape design garden then garden includes many area, have primary, secondary, there are on average and where special emphasis is needed. Custom personality, preferences of each home that we design the highlight area. Many owners and enthusiasts interested in plants, bon sai, the play area layout flowers right in front of the living room to sit in this room can be observed in full and in detail the world’s unique tree designs, the owner. Song many homeowners are more discreet, arranging flowers in areas where relax in a garden corner to spare their time to rest and enjoy.

When defining the main areas, to small, in the garden, the decor, the layout should note the principles of landscape design Garden Cottage scene as follows:

-Delineation of the importance of each part to display layout, decoration.

-Limit the key. A primary key and two or three in extra points by size and distance needed.

-Layout and arrange the sections depending on the ratio of importance. for example, where the front of the House like to emphasize the use of potted plants to, beautiful, luxurious and more expensive to present the world a unique tree. Advantage of the halo effect or color to honor the body wants to highlight.

-Remove the cumbersome details

– Loại bỏ những chi tiết rườm rà

for example, green plants work on the mound consists of 3 groups of cycads. Tall trees and is located in the higher part of the biggest mound is tweaking can also two smaller trees group is object (type 1 and 2). The entire mound on a blue velvet grass duodao district points 1-2, the rock is not a straight line form a simple style “image, the river of the mountain” love alive and coherent. Of landscape features of Central du, less detail that still make the subject notable.

-use the tricks to making the vision

For emphasis or attention, need to use the tricks needed increases the size of small landscape, objects even to garden area, you can use the colors fade, glare or strong color contrast. For example when want to do the Red hordes as prominently crested chickens, coins or Commission in a flower plantation layout then please add a wallpaper border is green trees or want to make yellow flowers, the purple blue mixed planting of Portulaca. The combination of the color contrast so will the attention of powerful people enjoy.

8. harmonious layout

Harmonious layout is a leading principle when creating scenes. Harmony derived from nature and can only be achieved when the logical, loogic in coordination of the elements earth, water, trees, stone and space. That is the basic principle of doing landscape elements appearance. For example, the stones are located in steep hillside that banks should not be positioned in the flat Beach, van stone flower must unify categories, the list, the tree is drought, not arranged around a Lake, stream, the preferred slot of sunshine, light is not placed in sheds, in that cool water streams porn to winding narrow space or plant near to water or pendulous toward the the water etc.

9. reasonable rates

The ratio indicates the relationship between the objects in the scene. Reasonable ratio between the length, width, and height between them making the landscape have depth, authentically.

Shape each scene need to clear. Shape of the Earth, are clear when observed.

Satisfactory resolution rate law will bring harmony, lovingly.

When designing a tree house or between the garden umbrellas need logical tree of height versus width height, stature, the depth of the holiday angle creating a relaxed comfortable feeling to the user.

If the truss plants too low or too wide yard area feels hot, uncomfortable for the user.

10. Size in landscape design

The size determines the magnitude of the object. The magnitude of the object in the garden from rocks, trees, walkways, truss plants, the gateway to the garden, waterfalls, rocks, or flower mound has a relationship to the narrow width of the garden and the House. Determination of reasonable size will make the enjoying easy, full of beautiful things sticking, warmth of the employer.

The minor products in the hot water has a primary and secondary will live when the logical size of the height and width of hot water, can observe far, near, overall or details, MOSS rock veneer and nuances of the cave.

Besides the actual size of the garden is still apparent real size due to the skillful arrangement of color, the vision, the viewpoint that the garden has to draw out or narrows. Using this tricks just like when we decorated a room in that area also, that stuff but with a different layout, the room will look like, the ceiling was higher or lower, and beautiful.

Often the colors, bigger level optical medium and strong intensity causing the object to become louder, while the cold colours, fiber speed, weak lower intensity will cause the opposite effect.

The distance, the space of the lawn would be greater; fencing will baby go and when bright sunlight shining on weak and cold color. Contrast color objects side by side do they become louder and closer than their real location.

11. Point of view

All scenes are always forming the front, sides and back of the (sub). Know the layout cleverly enjoy always observe obverse and enjoyment be full in many beautiful angle of sight in each area of the garden.

Usually a convenient observation point is always located on the small road connecting between the areas in the garden so I always layout the main face of the primary footage to the walk.

The main center point of view never also put in the main house. At this location can cover most of the areas in the garden, if know the tricky layout, low ground fence we will co feeling large garden, airy than fact.

12. Light and color coordination

It comes to color is the light. No light then there will be no color and the light always has color.

Home landscape design, architecture, landscape when building site map for a garden must pay attention to the natural light of the Sun. Conversely, if you want to observe the garden of special night need focused light source entertainment.

The color of an object that we see is the result of two factors: the type of light shining on and ways that animals make dissipate or reflect light. Vi example: the color white, the reflected light is also available in the black object then do counteract the this săc. So the color properties of the object just reveal remarkably under white light.

The color of the light depending on the light source. Light lunch included the full spectrum: purple (Violet), blue (Blue), green (Green), gold (Yellow), Orange (Orange) and Red (Red) this excellent balance and peace with each other to give infinite results. If the light source is bright white color is blue (Blue) and the light source is the candle, the flame, the circular lamps for color yellowish. Usually hot and warm light source then increases the intensity of the colors such as red, Orange, yellow and neutral. At the same time reduced the intensity of the cold colors such as blue, purple. Also when the cold light (green) for contradictory results.

A. the three principal characteristics of color

1. Chroma: specify the location of the nature of color on the spectrum. For example, offering red hot, blue-conditioning-neutral, green. Is the name of the color.

2. Optics: light or dark personality said of one color. Brightness optic white for black, optical speed. Between these two extremes there are many degrees of magnitude optical example: can dark red (dark brown) or light (in pink)

3. Intensity: only the level, strong or weak. The intensity determined by the number of outstanding excellence for, example; Pure red as bright red (Scarlet), red peppers were protected with red.

B. the basic colors and coordination in small landscape garden design

-First Group: (the basics)-red-blue-yellow, they do not have the mixed with other colors that are native to create other colors when mixed together.

-second group: (quadratic) green-purple-orange. 3 this is the result of a blend of 3 basic shades according to the ratio of 1:1

Green = Blue + Gold

Purple = red + blue

Orange = red + gold

-the third group: (3rd best) created by a basic identity with a tier 2

Yellow-green (yellow-green)

Blue-Green (blue-green)

Blue-violet (blue-violet)

Red-purple (blue-violet)

Yellow-orange (yellow-orange)

Orange-red (Orange-red)

12 colors on this is only the beginning are blended according to the ratio 1/1 if we phase rate change will create different shades of colors.

-Hot and cold Calculation of color:

Colors from 1-6 to me feeling hot, also the colors from 7; 12 for me the feeling of cold. So there are 6 colors in earthy tones and color in 6 grams.

C. The impact of influence between the colors.
When placed near each other the colors that make up the harmony from the effects to the contrast.

Blue, green, green ocean gives the feeling of harmony, the similarities-quiet. If the most recent blue next cam I get the contrast, excitable, excited. A group of red flowers like crested chickens were grown in the middle of the flower, green leaves around is for a results-attention to contrast and cheerful.

For example: yellow-green and yellow-green. It is the similarity (anadogous). The lust for each other like gold and purple, red, green, blue and Orange are for fighting is the additional colors.

The similar color juxtaposition is the feeling of peace. When we mix together using color as the flower, Yellow spotted or green spots of green leaves and Chamomile whole tree flower will bring a pleasant synthesis of color.

The additional color juxtaposition, the contrast. Taking advantage of this nature when we arranged a flower dust yellow sunflower or Daisy then transplant Portulaca purple do braids around. The supplements side, the contrast. Taking advantage of this nature when we arranged a flower dust yellow sunflower or Daisy then transplant Portulaca purple braids around.

D. The conformity in the light and dark

In the garden scene created the needed attention to color and light to always create the change plate light and dark areas in the garden. That sweeping effect, near.

E. application of the rules of color and light.

Light colors of each area has a great role to human feeling, ingenious layout makes the garden as wide, high up trees, foliage to out or smaller, or concealed the defects in the structure of the garden.

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